Dec 11, 2020
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Andrew and Ryan decide they need to catch Santa.
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  • Check out the bloopers and BTS for this video! usworlds.info/slow/video/gJiciZqUcpOXqIM The winners from our t-shirt giveaway are 2k20_tyler, mightylionvs, & rainbowdashloverrocks! Congrats and your check your instagram DM's for the next step! :)

    Culter35Culter352 months ago
    • Yyyyy Y Yyyyyyyyy] yyyyyyyy] uyyh+hhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      Navita ChitnarainNavita Chitnarain11 days ago
    • I love your videos

      Xavier gamer MunozXavier gamer Munoz25 days ago
    • Jag har inte fått något svar från dig och jag har inte fått något svar från dig och jag har inte fått något svar från dig och jag har inte fått något svar från t fh(,vvggggggglg jkkknokpl,öl,p,puss på er jag har inte varit på plats på den här veckan och det

      21vandyk21vandykMonth ago
    • OMG i love your vids omg so halar!!!

      Dane PorlasDane Porlas2 months ago
    • @My genration Dolls random videos

      Braiden And TannerBraiden And Tanner2 months ago
  • 8:02: Wow, Ryan is TERRIBLE under pressure! XD

    Jaxcraft 28Jaxcraft 288 hours ago
  • 3: the 00

    Sylvia DaiSylvia Dai5 days ago
  • 10:00

    Sylvia DaiSylvia Dai5 days ago
  • 3:00

    Sylvia DaiSylvia Dai5 days ago
  • 9:41 he is bleeding from his lips

    Escapist_Hyena4Escapist_Hyena46 days ago
  • Go 35

    Laura CastilloLaura Castillo7 days ago
  • If I was Antony and they raised there hands when they did that I would hate them forever

    claudia diazclaudia diaz11 days ago
  • PS5

    Aracely MadridAracely Madrid12 days ago
  • oh dead Santa

    Skyavenger090Skyavenger09023 days ago
  • You guys are good

    Terrace BaileyTerrace Bailey26 days ago
  • It was a good video and its my favourite one it was so goooood merry christmas

    nextico10ninja FAYEnextico10ninja FAYE26 days ago
  • My mom told me so

    danielle elizabethdanielle elizabeth29 days ago
  • i hates ryan and andrew

    Prince KPrince KMonth ago
  • Why is blood on your lips

    Jping SlipJping SlipMonth ago
  • GOOD

    Amod BaileyAmod BaileyMonth ago
  • A hâte you guys soo much

    Ben10 SpongebobBen10 SpongebobMonth ago
    • Sorry you don’t like our channel, thanks anyway for watching! :)

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • Hi

    tenor angutenor anguMonth ago
  • Aida m det här är en av att det är en bra dag på skolan idag och det har jag inte har någon som har hänt med

    21vandyk21vandykMonth ago
  • Bro people say Santa has never been seen when you go to the mall he is there every winter

    Levi BurnsLevi BurnsMonth ago
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    R Castillo, IIR Castillo, IIMonth ago
  • What

    Jeremy ClaphamJeremy ClaphamMonth ago
  • what happen to you look like a grinch

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    Patricio Gallardo Ruiz de ChavezPatricio Gallardo Ruiz de ChavezMonth ago
  • Anthony dezerves more respect oh and Ryan is the better friend

    Reshma RaiReshma RaiMonth ago
  • I hate when they always blame Anthony because he is ugly hes not ugly

    tigerplayztigerplayzMonth ago
  • i love your vids

    Justin PeraltaJustin PeraltaMonth ago
  • This we the services ever

    Stephanie RichardsonStephanie RichardsonMonth ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/gJiciZqUcpOXqIM the bloopers I'm a huge fan BTW!

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  • BTS tick-tock

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  • Andre how t

    Rheiven PeliasRheiven Pelias2 months ago
  • Everybody hates Anthony dude

    help me reach 900.00k subs withount any videoshelp me reach 900.00k subs withount any videos2 months ago
  • What happened to your lip Anthony

    Anna AbAnna Ab2 months ago
  • 5:20 the knife is not there

    Brian RassmussenBrian Rassmussen2 months ago
  • can you make a don’t touch elf season 2 please 🥺 🥺🥺🥺

    Jordan MendezJordan Mendez2 months ago
  • I was laughing so hard when he hit Santa in the face

    CamplayrobloxCamplayroblox2 months ago
    • Thx

      CamplayrobloxCamplayroblox2 months ago
  • What does Spain do actually watches you doing the shower

    angelljrrw kidangelljrrw kid2 months ago
  • Hi

    Glizzy GobblerGlizzy Gobbler2 months ago
  • Hey culter35 I'm not going to watch your channel because I got to spend time a lot of time with my family so merry Christmas🎄🎁

    Bentley DowningBentley Downing2 months ago
  • I miss the elf #bringbackelf

    Bentley DowningBentley Downing2 months ago
  • I love your channel

    Blake GorryBlake Gorry2 months ago
  • I died at 1:58

    Nirx YtNirx Yt2 months ago
  • Make another elf on the shelf video

    Gamerz Are famerzGamerz Are famerz2 months ago
  • MY GOD

    ADVENTURES 31ADVENTURES 312 months ago
  • 4:57

    Axel FerrerAxel Ferrer2 months ago
  • My elf is eating marshmallows and he made me hot chocolate

    Matthew HodgesMatthew Hodges2 months ago
  • Poor santa

    Jaxin KeretiJaxin Kereti2 months ago
  • Poor dad

    Jaxin KeretiJaxin Kereti2 months ago
  • are u gonna continue the elf series

    Lily's WorldLily's World2 months ago
  • mnella

    Nihaar BharatNihaar Bharat2 months ago
  • I forgot to watch this culter35 your the best

    some unknown hackersome unknown hacker2 months ago
  • My favorite part is 1:58

    Maria ValenciaMaria Valencia2 months ago
  • All a want for Christmas is you

    Mai See VueMai See Vue2 months ago
  • Why doesn’t cutler have 52m subs?

    Evan AcornEvan Acorn2 months ago
  • Lol this video is so funny and the best😂🤣😆😁😄😃😀

    Mohammad Abu SumayahMohammad Abu Sumayah2 months ago
  • Where is elf vids I love them

    Alex ZAlex Z2 months ago
  • Iol

    Riyasati JugmohunRiyasati Jugmohun2 months ago
  • Do a boy into girl vid or something


    Kody_art 18Kody_art 182 months ago
  • Can u plsss make another elf video plsss

    Shadow wolf !!Shadow wolf !!2 months ago
  • Amazing video!

    Wolves4life :DWolves4life :D2 months ago
  • Anthony why are you talking in this video you do t have the ball

    Roleplay HangoutsRoleplay Hangouts2 months ago
  • I'm a bit late to this one but it was hilarious I can't stop laughing 😆😆😆!

    TVS ZumbrixTVS Zumbrix2 months ago
  • do the elf on the shelf series

    Martin O'MahonyMartin O'Mahony2 months ago
  • Haha you are a 🧟

    KGP 0809KGP 08092 months ago
  • No way I found u guys I remember that elf on the shelf I gonna watch it again

    Jonydagoat 1Jonydagoat 12 months ago
  • Cause santa clause is going down, were gonna catch him, we don't care if he's awake, were gonna get free presents, were gonna take santa clause downnnnnnnnnnn!

    Shadow Smith 2Shadow Smith 22 months ago
  • This is an amazing show 🤪

    Joanna MartinezJoanna Martinez2 months ago
  • I love his vids

    Caleb Plays!!Caleb Plays!!2 months ago
  • OMG 10days till Christmas 🎄 YAY! And funny hearted my comment and only one of my family who really is excited about that but at least he heart of my comment

    Caleb Plays!!Caleb Plays!!2 months ago
  • Hello

    Gwynne DawdyGwynne Dawdy2 months ago
  • omg hiii

    Rojinda YaldoRojinda Yaldo2 months ago
  • News report: I could now confirm that Santa 🎅 Clause been kidnapped by Anthony Manila the one who lost me a Barbie house Anthony Manila and the one who ruined Christmas 🎄 for the third year Anthony Manila 9:25 Anthony Manila: i will not take the blame for kidnapping my dad my brother Santa Claus 🎅 and the homeless person that lives on the streets that bought a one million dollar toilet that Larry destroyed because he thought it was his toilet 🚽 9:20

    Jacqueline JohnsonJacqueline Johnson2 months ago
  • Hey cutler 35 can you make more elf on the shelf videos please

    GordonRuddockYTGordonRuddockYT2 months ago
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  • Happy life day

    Assassin wolf mv gamingAssassin wolf mv gaming2 months ago
  • Something tells me the krampus is coming

    Toy ChampionToy Champion2 months ago
  • Let’s try to get Culter35 to a million subscribers

    Ali AAli A2 months ago
  • Pls more elf on the shelf

  • Great video! again!

    Commander GamerCommander Gamer2 months ago
  • What cartoon was Anthony going to watch

    blackmamba5119blackmamba51192 months ago
  • Give Anthony the ball

    Edwin WireduEdwin Wiredu2 months ago
  • You killed Santa

    Edwin WireduEdwin Wiredu2 months ago
  • Also when Andrew and ryan were at the front door they didn't have the ball so andrew and Ryan shut up you don't have the ball

    Vlog & gamingVlog & gaming2 months ago
  • Get Andrew and ryan in a sog cage

    Vlog & gamingVlog & gaming2 months ago
  • Do a new video

    Leonora HernandezLeonora Hernandez2 months ago
  • can you make an among us part2

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  • Happy Birthday!! (Edit)sorry i'm late

    Mrs shah ShahMrs shah Shah2 months ago
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  • Do a return of Troy the bully?

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  • When is the part 2 of this coming out?

    Life Help ExpressLife Help Express2 months ago
  • Video Idea: Grandpa’s Christmas carol

    Plush UniversePlush Universe2 months ago
  • Happy late birthday Anthony :)

    That_AmongUsWeebThat_AmongUsWeeb2 months ago
  • I know this is a little late but if this was me and after this I would stop being friends with these two not going to lie

    Hom Tolland from the pastHom Tolland from the past2 months ago