Oct 23, 2020
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Anthony and Ryan find a strange mask watching them in their backyard.
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    Culter35Culter354 months ago
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      Rashed BakaRashed Baka19 days ago
    • 8

      CmmBoy007CmmBoy007Month ago
    • Oookajjaiajaiajaiza

      Joni LambertJoni LambertMonth ago
    • Ih me Jamie

      James McMillanJames McMillan3 months ago
    • You are awesome

      Crocodile BoysCrocodile Boys3 months ago
  • I'm begging you for part 2

    Khari MiKhari Mi3 hours ago
  • Wait about pennywise

    Stacey StaffordStacey Stafford5 days ago
  • culter 35 is te bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbest

  • Who knocks at midnight :me: who collects sticks at midnight

    Shannon HighamShannon Higham13 days ago
  • You real name in need of

    rahman shahgrahman shahg13 days ago
  • Carly beth has entered the chat #goosebumps

    iced coffeeiced coffee15 days ago
  • I live this

    That Decorator GraysonThat Decorator Grayson15 days ago
  • We got some JOJO vibes about the mask tho

    Ink FingersInk Fingers18 days ago
  • I new it the grandpa would get caught it's like every video

    Levi GonbareLevi Gonbare22 days ago
  • I never seen this one

    Levi GonbareLevi Gonbare22 days ago
  • I’m scared

    X-HΓ£uΕ„tΓͺrX-HΓ£uΕ„tΓͺr22 days ago
  • PART2

    Lara LearLara Lear22 days ago
  • The Anthony’s dad doing

    Baby ZaeBaby Zae26 days ago
  • Grandpa

    Baby ZaeBaby Zae26 days ago
  • Who’s ring the doorbell

    Baby ZaeBaby Zae26 days ago
  • So scary

    Baby ZaeBaby Zae26 days ago
  • i was really scared

    Damian SwainstonDamian Swainston27 days ago
  • This is exactly like a horror film

    hrlyhrlyMonth ago
  • I think this is the best video you made! But I say that about every video

    Miles Tails ProwerMiles Tails ProwerMonth ago
  • Will there be part 2

    Dana GanganDana GanganMonth ago
  • Hi

    Jayden DavidJayden DavidMonth ago
  • part 2 part 2 part 2!!!!!

  • You are like me Antony

    SomeThings MakeMeWinceSomeThings MakeMeWinceMonth ago
  • That’s funny when when it goes 0 do you ever use sticks to use hobbies it’s just weird I do that too

    Chris and NimaChris and NimaMonth ago
  • 5:35 i got so scared

    haunted egghaunted eggMonth ago
  • i thought speedwagon destroyed the mask-

  • can you do the siren head i love those can you make more pls

    Lucas MataLucas MataMonth ago
  • 0:00 +. 7:48 trust me it will make sense

    Sonic tails bloger WhiteSonic tails bloger WhiteMonth ago
  • I fought Anthony was smart person now he going crazy and suing being smart person

    Noobygamer 123Noobygamer 123Month ago
  • the hauted mask possed everyone

    Lohit the gamerLohit the gamerMonth ago
  • Bro this was like a horror movie great vid

    Illsion lab fan The proIllsion lab fan The pro2 months ago
  • 7:12 honor movies vibes right here

    Javier CarrizalesJavier Carrizales2 months ago
  • Anomaly detected

    Jesus BarronJesus Barron2 months ago
  • your the best youtuber

    Mr admin and Brendan vlogd and gaming everageMr admin and Brendan vlogd and gaming everage2 months ago
  • It’s sooooooooo scary

  • Culter35 I love your videos so much because your so funny πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Amir AhmadiAmir Ahmadi2 months ago

    Wolves4life :DWolves4life :D2 months ago

    Wolves4life :DWolves4life :D2 months ago
  • I’m scared-

    Wolves4life :DWolves4life :D2 months ago
  • Love how Ryan is always the right one

    GjmoreoGjmoreo2 months ago
  • will the mask men come back

    the purge animationsthe purge animations2 months ago
  • my favorite part when grandpa in the mask

    Leo KukesLeo Kukes2 months ago
  • Dude I hear a noise after I was finished sharing your USworlds video I hear noise in my ear bro I’m not Cappin

    Maria MarinMaria Marin2 months ago
  • 5:24 ha it’s grandpa when he puts a mask on

    Ayden SharkAyden Shark2 months ago
  • The first vid I watched from you was siren head

    HudBud PlayzHudBud Playz2 months ago
  • The vid it’s creepy but it’s a good vid

    Raphael Alexander LeeRaphael Alexander Lee2 months ago
  • At the end thud

    Jodi LagacyJodi Lagacy2 months ago
  • Anthony breathing heavily is funny

    Jodi LagacyJodi Lagacy2 months ago
  • Hahahahaha great video πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ’™

    Jodi LagacyJodi Lagacy2 months ago
  • Is this real??? I’m scared

    Lexie 08Lexie 082 months ago
  • Creepy dude

    Miranda CoffeyMiranda Coffey2 months ago
  • just What's So Scary I almost peed my pants

    JC SimonsJC Simons2 months ago
  • People : dead Camera man : *gamemode set to creative*

    The AnimateThe Animate2 months ago
  • Im bk

    Exotic OpinionsExotic Opinions3 months ago
  • He killed ur stick

    Toca Life ladyToca Life lady3 months ago
  • Great vid

    Toca Life ladyToca Life lady3 months ago
  • It. Is so. Funny

    Tiffany HuntTiffany Hunt3 months ago

    Sultana ChowdhurySultana Chowdhury3 months ago
  • Double Poo

    Galon EragGalon Erag3 months ago
  • dat was scary

    Bunker's Shadow Ops CommanderBunker's Shadow Ops Commander3 months ago
  • I love your videos πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’–

    roblox gamer kiddieroblox gamer kiddie3 months ago
  • I love the sticks and the maskπŸ’€

    Jody clawsonJody clawson3 months ago
  • I got chills to but it’s a very great video lmao πŸ˜‚ Edit: Also Keep Up The Good Work

    SixinPlaysFortniteSixinPlaysFortnite3 months ago
  • It is so cool 😎

    Hdhdhdhdh DhdhhdhdHdhdhdhdh Dhdhhdhd3 months ago
  • πŸ‘

    sheri tatmansheri tatman3 months ago
  • Did you just cut a hole in a paper plate

    The Shad0Wmem3rThe Shad0Wmem3r3 months ago
  • Please make part two

    zain Mayatzain Mayat3 months ago
  • Jillian and Addie, i like you videos

    mowmita yeasminmowmita yeasmin3 months ago
  • Hmm cant u just get a axe and snap it in half

    Possessed PlayzPossessed Playz3 months ago
  • This would make a really good doctor who episode!

    Spartan KlutzSpartan Klutz3 months ago
  • I'm scared because I'm watching this at night!!!

    JC SimonsJC Simons3 months ago
  • Part 2 part2

    Philip's Hour For KidsPhilip's Hour For Kids3 months ago
  • Part 2

    Philip's Hour For KidsPhilip's Hour For Kids3 months ago
  • 1:08 "You really are the least cool person on the planet." I doubt that claim. I'm sure there are multiple people who are less cool than Anthony. Ryan just said that because Anthony mocked him for being cautious, maybe even a little scared. 2:39 At least we know there was somebody there. The character was dressed in black to blend in with the darkness and not some guy pulling some prank late at night. 3:16 "Stay back. I won't be afraid to use this." So Larry's weapon is a jug of milk? I bet this wasn't intentonal, but this reminds me of part of a video you did where you and Ryan argued about weather a sledgehammer or a carton of Milk would make a better weapon. 3:33 "You hold the legs and you put the diaper on." What legs? It's a stick. Sticks don't have legs unless they're Groot or Siren Head. I doubt the Diaper will stay on the stick anyway. 4:25 "Let me think about that... nothing. They're sticks." You're right. Sticks cannot eat, but trees already make their own food, unlike us, who have to find our food. 4:50 Seeing Larry like that was unsettling. This reminds me of a creepy Luigi meme. 5:23 Ok, that was creepier than Larry wearing the mask. Quite fitting for October and the video. 7:11 Prediction: The original guy in the mask is your brother, Christopher. Not sure on a motive though. 8:17 "We've gotta get rid of this." Then you throw it in the pool instead of burying it so that somebody else will find it.

    Zach GagneZach Gagne3 months ago
  • i

    Leo KukesLeo Kukes3 months ago
  • I love how when you are making a part two and like in the part one it’s a cliffhanger but then you are smiling and saying hey guys it makes me laugh so hard

    javier alfarojavier alfaro3 months ago
  • He actually got the milk

    Oofer oof OofOofer oof Oof3 months ago
  • I havent watched him for 1 year so there are more new vids

    Emir kandemirEmir kandemir3 months ago
  • This is Hilarious

    Noah KentNoah Kent3 months ago
  • Amesome

    Evan Afton /c.cEvan Afton /c.c3 months ago
  • I had the creeps in this video had a lot of action

    Mason MoviesMason Movies3 months ago
  • Now you say there just sticks

    Jillian DiFinoJillian DiFino3 months ago
  • One time I had a nightmare about this I love all your videos can you make a zombie apocalypse video please I love all of your videos

    Braden BelcherBraden Belcher3 months ago
  • Anthony: no there just sticks Anthony: noo an Waldor

    Adam BepasAdam Bepas3 months ago
  • Why grandpa just talks he doesn’t run away at 2:40

    blackmamba5119blackmamba51193 months ago
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Brittany HensleyBrittany Hensley4 months ago
  • Not ganna lie but this video is really scary nice Halloween video

  • Can we have a part 2?

    IceyIcey4 months ago
  • I love this video

    CC4 months ago
  • Who realises that mask is from call of duty mobile prison break draws charercters mask

    Wadood HussainWadood Hussain4 months ago
  • Please Part2!!!!

    KTGKTG4 months ago
  • 2 subscribers

    James WilsonJames Wilson4 months ago
  • Dude when will you upload more video

    kawsar suhailkawsar suhail4 months ago
  • Your my fav USworldsr and all the vids make me laugh πŸ˜‚

    GlitchBro !GlitchBro !4 months ago
  • When he kept ringing the door bell I’m like boy you better run. If that happened to me I will be like LOCK THE DOOR BOYS

    Ellis ASMREllis ASMR4 months ago

    Joe GillJoe Gill4 months ago
  • Why is everyone scared it’s ok to wear masks because it’s quarantine?πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    Goku Black artGoku Black art4 months ago
  • Can you make a video called the random problem

    xxsuolxx gamingxxsuolxx gaming4 months ago
  • When's seth coming back

    Bosten's Aviation, gaming and Fun ChannelBosten's Aviation, gaming and Fun Channel4 months ago
    • Seth already is back!

      Culter35Culter354 months ago