SIREN HEAD & CARTOON CAT ARE REAL? (Proving These Creatures Real/Fake)

Oct 9, 2020
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Are these sightings of Siren Head, Cartoon Cat, & more real or fake?
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    Culter35Culter354 months ago
    • Lol

      Call of Duty zombies cod zombiesCall of Duty zombies cod zombies28 days ago
    • Wow

      The dark FrecklesThe dark FrecklesMonth ago
    • me gauge

      Gauge RabonGauge Rabon2 months ago
    • Culter35

      Gauge RabonGauge Rabon2 months ago
    • Laila

      Laila SawyerLaila Sawyer2 months ago
  • #pleasem

    tiffany Csesznegitiffany Csesznegi9 hours ago
  • #zombiehead. #sirenhead

    tiffany Csesznegitiffany Csesznegi10 hours ago
  • I have no words 😶

    tiffany Csesznegitiffany Csesznegi10 hours ago
  • The zombie is fake because it's a zombie 🎭

    Roberto Salazar HernandezRoberto Salazar Hernandez3 days ago
  • It could be fake i trying to make it is fake i fud it

    Roberto Salazar HernandezRoberto Salazar Hernandez3 days ago
  • When you recreated the cartoon cat one I got scared my the normal looking cat not cartoon cat....

    Blackie WorldBlackie World3 days ago
  • Matt's Scottish accent made me crack up

    Karen BaylissKaren Bayliss6 days ago
  • Anthony's laugh is so funny

    BSd hllBSd hll9 days ago
  • I DON'T LIKE CLOWNS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱

    Karrie HalftownKarrie Halftown10 days ago
  • Hey What's Good Huge Fan I Love Your Videos They Are So Aswome

    Team JTeam J10 days ago
  • fake obviosly

    VictiNaTor MaXVictiNaTor MaX12 days ago
    • We think so too but which ones? All of them?

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • The sound when the people saw siren head in there car was the prowler theme from spiderman into the spider verse

    Julie Elliott-walkerJulie Elliott-walker12 days ago
  • Cartoon cats one is fake because it plays music

    Urvi PandyaUrvi Pandya14 days ago
  • Cartoon cat think that's fake

    Sarah Cork HendersonSarah Cork Henderson15 days ago
  • The zombie one I could not stop laughing

    TiggyPoosAlotTiggyPoosAlot20 days ago
    • Omg same LMFAOO

      Charli Breen Charli BreenCharli Breen Charli Breen16 days ago
  • the siren head was created and i want to tell you the im greek

    Lee GberLee Gber21 day ago
  • I don’t know if they’re real or not I’m scared🙈🐔🐒

    Kari SummersKari Summers22 days ago
  • Those are some floaty knife

    daltons Timedaltons Time23 days ago
  • The Zombie was probably a drunk Scotland dude.

    Your_Channel _Name_HereYour_Channel _Name_Here26 days ago
  • T

    Faro FaroFaro Faro27 days ago
  • Culter you should make ice screa m

    Teresa MillwardTeresa Millward28 days ago
  • I love your channel and I’ve been subbed for 8 years now.your the reason I have a channel

    Gaming With ZoGaming With Zo28 days ago
  • Scp_096

    Aysha MoosaAysha Moosa28 days ago
  • The cartoon cat sighting in paranormal land was so scary

    SkunkdogSkunkdog29 days ago
  • OK you post cartoon cat and siren head movies and stores

    Chris and NimaChris and Nima29 days ago
  • It’s called editing

    Lib WoolLib WoolMonth ago
    • Correct :)

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • Your too good at the video your even funny you should have million sub's why do peapole don't sub you

    Arnold RajvanshiArnold RajvanshiMonth ago
  • I am cartoon cats younger brother

    Yushiros CatYushiros CatMonth ago
  • Lol

    Elf LummyElf LummyMonth ago
  • Fake yeey

    Lala BerbicLala BerbicMonth ago
  • I think the monster are real but the video is fake and that's not including the clown the clown was fake same with the video

    jack gamesjack gamesMonth ago
  • Hhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii

    Jake SuperstarJake SuperstarMonth ago
  • You deserve more subscribers

    Landon MartinLandon MartinMonth ago
  • It ain't Halloween here I just like creepy spooky!

    good guy 123good guy 123Month ago
  • call 911 on my on lage

    Fortnite MacroFortnite MacroMonth ago
  • 1:48

    Julian DubskyJulian DubskyMonth ago
  • The first one isn’t real I hope

    Aiyden TaylorAiyden TaylorMonth ago
  • The siren head one was streamed because i searched it up and it said streamed

    Cute FatalCute FatalMonth ago
  • real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GabrielboyGabrielboyMonth ago
  • I never knew that a meuwing cartoon cat can teleport from trees to a dumpster with a very deep random voice that you’d probably never here can then teleport from the dumpster to where the guy is walking, also if he’s dead how did he post the video like cats can’t do that go watch soul and you’ll see. Anthony you probably saw the clip from the movie.


    Fortnite Greek ChannelFortnite Greek ChannelMonth ago
  • Wow

    Jacqueline StrozierJacqueline StrozierMonth ago
  • That is creepy

    Jason DammJason DammMonth ago
  • Um is this a mini siren pt5

    Gtav God123Gtav God123Month ago
  • Cartoon cat scary

    Among us videosAmong us videosMonth ago
  • Cartoon cat and siren head are fake

    scary short channelscary short channelMonth ago
  • On the first one it's not real because one posted it

    little billy booplittle billy boopMonth ago
  • It’s fake

    Hong CheHong CheMonth ago
  • React to long horse

    Da cat GamingDa cat GamingMonth ago
  • I love your videos and we love you

    tlimb813tlimb813Month ago
    • We love you too!

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • You are dead

    aulon saliaulon saliMonth ago
  • meews

    Jeremy PotterJeremy PotterMonth ago
  • I love your videos 😁

    weekly gamingweekly gamingMonth ago
  • why does jillian and addie say it live

    Somiya BasarSomiya BasarMonth ago
  • It is bunny because they picked the fakest videos ever

    Mr. NutMr. NutMonth ago
  • Among us

    meh mehmeh meh2 months ago
  • I think all were fake

    Jaxzon Pfile-BlakelyJaxzon Pfile-Blakely2 months ago
  • Ok the second won was fake i saw a mans face in a black ⚫ costume

    Maria RiosMaria Rios2 months ago
  • So I'm out here with Anthony and Mario Let's-a-go

    Talon ThomasTalon Thomas2 months ago
  • Dis is the beast video ever❤️

    velasquezanabel50velasquezanabel502 months ago
  • Newmeemeemeemeeem

    Margaret makram HabibMargaret makram Habib2 months ago
  • Who will win Siren head: Cartoon cat: Zombie: Or neither:

    Wolves4life :DWolves4life :D2 months ago
  • And yeah remember when siren head sighting

    Varuun BadreeVaruun Badree2 months ago
  • 7:00-7:02 yeah that's actually true as this time watching all and reach here I imagine this a lot and u right tho but can them still do it

    Varuun BadreeVaruun Badree2 months ago
  • I know that zombie one was fake because nothing creepy usually happens in Scotland

    Nicholas Anthony ByrneNicholas Anthony Byrne2 months ago
  • Im Scottish

    Nicholas Anthony ByrneNicholas Anthony Byrne2 months ago
  • Fake

    candi bresnahancandi bresnahan2 months ago
  • Cyran head part fivehead

    Jason ShirtcliffeJason Shirtcliffe2 months ago
  • Yes I like your videos

    Hanako SanHanako San2 months ago
  • Your videos I like it it's so nice that I cry I watch a lot of times I'll be watching those videos videos that are real but they're not real ones you can see someone watch a real ones you can watch something that's real that Daniel and it just looks fake because the zombie workout Monday showed you it

    Sahel rahimiSahel rahimi2 months ago
  • how would the video would be made if hes dead

    noah kingg8noah kingg82 months ago
  • It so fake littlery when the creator of these videos they get jumpscare and they still upload

    The little bug KevinThe little bug Kevin2 months ago
  • I’ve always liked your channel

    Mr GuyMr Guy2 months ago
  • that siren head was made there is a video of making that siren head it is so cool.

    Roblox Trash ManRoblox Trash Man2 months ago
  • Hey culter I haven't seen the full vid yet but theres this guys that edits siren head into his hids and you can totally tell its fake So if u want to u can check him out.

  • You should have read the cat the fake cat in the siren head video

    Jayden DelfosseJayden Delfosse2 months ago
  • In 9:26 was live I was in the live stream and the siren head is fake because I found the guy who put the statue he was on tic tok but the live stream was real

    Carlos MercadoCarlos Mercado2 months ago
  • Saturday in Scotland The zombie has appeared ahhhhhhh

    Random stuff at WoodRandom stuff at Wood2 months ago
  • its so fake

    JC TionsonJC Tionson2 months ago
  • how whid the man send the vid wil he is ded

    JC TionsonJC Tionson2 months ago
  • it's fake bro

    JC TionsonJC Tionson2 months ago
  • maybe a moment of silence? .. .. .. 2 seconds later Culter:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Cqual GsPiCqual GsPi2 months ago
  • #culter35

    Max MarlowMax Marlow2 months ago
  • Bruh the clown do be naruto running img Area 51 XD

    DarkRBXDarkRBX2 months ago
  • siren head fake

    Connor SamuelsonConnor Samuelson2 months ago
  • how do you think how it got on youtube.maybe he is still alive.

    Connor SamuelsonConnor Samuelson2 months ago
  • The one where they said that they were live like the third or second one they were actually live siren head is like 46 feet tall

    Coral BarronCoral Barron2 months ago
  • Ya it is Real because another USworlds actually saw Cartoon cat came at her house

    Juliette MarleyJuliette Marley2 months ago
  • 1to 100

    Taslima IslamTaslima Islam2 months ago
  • The remake of the are HILARIOUS

    Xander SageXander Sage2 months ago
  • Hi

    Aiden RootsAiden Roots2 months ago
  • all those reenactments looked so real you wouldnt they were edited

    Jake HJake H2 months ago
    • my bbad i said that wrong, i meant they are the most real vids ever that ive seen in a while

      Jake HJake H2 months ago
  • the first one was fake. the cat popped out of nowhere

    Maddon KobelMaddon Kobel2 months ago
  • Nice vid 👍

    Lil pickleLil pickle2 months ago
  • I was in Scotland I was in Scotland

  • How do you post such good content

    Seth the best GamerSeth the best Gamer2 months ago
  • The livestream kids did edit it because they could’ve taken a video and then made it look like it was live on a stream

    Austin Romania ARAustin Romania AR2 months ago
    • Yep that’s exactly what they did haha

      Culter35Culter352 months ago
  • This vid is the best good job

    Joe PeeryJoe Peery2 months ago
  • I love this seires

    Wkey LightningWkey Lightning2 months ago