Nov 20, 2020
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Grandpa must be stopped in the finale to the Time Travel series.
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    • I, km m

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    • 3:12 Ryan Broke the 4th wall!? (:O XD XD XD LOLOLOL

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  • Like endgame

    Time: the band :Time: the band :8 hours ago
  • Grandpa: "Grandpa works alone." Also Grandpa: *Gathers all versions of himself from the past.*

    Jaxcraft 28Jaxcraft 288 hours ago
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  • The best video ever

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  • I really love yr vids, pls give me a shoutout. i need subs

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  • Did u guys see anthony from smosh's bonnle head ?

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  • I love ur vids calter35

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  • 5:23 Who else saw that moving tree in the back

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  • In time traveling 2 you can see Anthony’s bobble head from smosh

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  • XD

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  • Probably

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  • Amazing work Anthony.. :)

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  • Why is there an smosh bob head

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  • I love this channel I watched it since I was seven years old

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  • plot twist:plot twist

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  • Alternate title: Larry’s mother saves the world Larry’s mother creates Larry Larry says who sells the mustard Mr mulligan says when he invented mustard Anthony and Ryan go back in time and stop mr mulligan from creating mustard..... Sooooooo..... LARRY’S MOTHER SINGLE-HANDEDLY SAVED THE UNIVERSE

    Christopher NguyenChristopher NguyenMonth ago
  • Anthony makes a masterpiece. What’s new πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    Lightning McMurphyLightning McMurphyMonth ago
  • Theory: the scene where mulligan and grandpa was still friends, why did mulligan call grandpa grandpa? Is that his name? Did Larry hired grandpa since his dad passed away? This is weird. And he didn’t aged! So he is a alien from another universe!

    WindowmizedDudeWindowmizedDudeMonth ago
  • too good all the plot twists and suprises its crazy (cool)

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  • Make a part 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and 11

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  • anthony is rely small

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    • Haha yep, I’m super tiny :)

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  • Back to the future

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    • Back to the future

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    • I love your video

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  • Fiini had the statu of anthony or the ohter guy on the desk

    Liisa AntilaLiisa Antila2 months ago
  • They forgot one thing ya can’t change the past even with a time machine

    Amy SAmy S2 months ago
  • The original grandpa should have said I have taken down all 3 of those monsters when grandpa told vampire grandpa, siren head grandpa, Bigfoot grandpa that future grandpa was going to betray them all.

    Amy SAmy S2 months ago
  • I saw the second dad's hand see-through pause at 4:13

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  • Q

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  • pls heart this comment i never had one of my coments hearted

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  • Why did he make it in 1904 he would be dead by now

    Luthar AkurangiLuthar Akurangi2 months ago
    • Did you watch my videos though

      Luthar AkurangiLuthar Akurangi2 months ago
    • Well in the resistance toy soldiers dont age and if someone is married to a plactic person they won't age

      Luthar AkurangiLuthar Akurangi2 months ago
    • Not in the Culter35 universe it’s not haha!

      Culter35Culter352 months ago
    • What that's in possible

      Luthar AkurangiLuthar Akurangi2 months ago
    • 1904 is when mustard was actually invented. Grandpa and Mulligan are immortal!

      Culter35Culter352 months ago

    Ethan FillierEthan Fillier2 months ago
  • Boop!

    JML POOLJML POOL2 months ago
  • you should make a part 4 where you destroyed a replica that grandpa made so the real one is in the garage and then larry makes a giant army to destroy ketchup because people are choosing ketchup over mustard

    roberts girl22roberts girl222 months ago
  • 1:15 Is Ryan tossing a hamburger out a car window, hitting grandpa in the process, the reason why Ryan was locked in grandpa's room with Anthony and a violent gorilla in Old man is an impostor?" 1:37 "And the only person worth for my army is grandpa." I sense an army of clones and multiple betrayals because "Grandpa works alone." 4:00 "They're going back in time to stop Grandpa from being hit by that burger so he doesn't become a dictator." Larry! Anthony told you not to tell him but you did it anyway. 6:47 "That's right, and if he betrayed me, he'll betray any of you." I infer more backstabbing will happen. 7:00 "I say we fight to the death to see who the real grandpa is." Downside is, the real grandpa dies, and the clones would all disappear, preventing grandpa from ever becoming a dictator. 9:26 "You bet I did. I remember the exact day. June 16, 1904." That means Mr. Mulligan is over a century old. 10:49 So this is where Mr. Mulligan and Grandpa went from friends to enemies about 116 years ago. 11:59 None of them were the real grandpa? 12:45 It looks like you can't stop progress, even with time travel. With that butterfly effect, you allowed Feeney to invent mustard.

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  • That wus funey

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  • Yo I like Merch so suscribe to culter35 and Merry Christmas πŸŽ…

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    • Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! :)

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    • @Culter35 That's okay! Lol. This series was super good! :)

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    • Oh the ending is just a joke haha, this story is all wrapped up! Sorry to disappoint!

      Culter35Culter353 months ago
    • @Culter35 I was thinking something happened with the Larry's

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    • This is the finale, there’s nothing left of the story to tell haha!

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