Oct 2, 2020
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Anthony finds out his house is cursed.
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    Culter35Culter354 months ago
    • Is that real

      Eshal AbtahiEshal Abtahi2 months ago
    • 1:40

      Albie WarburtonAlbie Warburton2 months ago
    • Why does it say pined by lightning lane

      Albie WarburtonAlbie Warburton2 months ago
    • @Nitro hnnjk

      patrick turnerpatrick turner3 months ago
    • Milk is not a weapon everyone knows that

      Alexander GarciaAlexander Garcia4 months ago
  • I've already said this but I need a part 2

    Khari MiKhari MiHour ago
  • you make your videos scarier then tells tubbies"

    Elly PoulinElly Poulin3 days ago
  • kess

    Ange KhanAnge Khan3 days ago
  • 0:59

    jo Smithjo Smith4 days ago
    • 0:89

      jo Smithjo Smith4 days ago
  • 0:80

    jo Smithjo Smith4 days ago
  • this is basically smosh 2011 in 2020/2021

    AeroMan oranges • 25 years agoAeroMan oranges • 25 years ago7 days ago
  • Hi

    Dora PerraultDora Perrault11 days ago
  • How could you not break the necklace

    Moreh TwahirwaMoreh Twahirwa11 days ago
  • Grandpa is acting stupid

    Josefina ArreguinJosefina Arreguin13 days ago
  • can you make a part 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    jake the godjake the god15 days ago
  • I love your scary videos Culture35

    Rohit GamezRohit Gamez15 days ago
  • Not scary at all bro

    Rohit GamezRohit Gamez15 days ago
  • Plot twist it’s Grandpa‘s girlfriend

    Teresa FurrTeresa Furr19 days ago
  • 🤑😻

    I'm the best And you're the worstI'm the best And you're the worst20 days ago
  • Call the Ghostbuster hero

    Alex ReyesAlex Reyes22 days ago
  • Anthony are you granpa just putting different clothes

    Coolkidfrank13Coolkidfrank1325 days ago
    • I think so because he done he done a voice of grandpa he sound exactly like him

      Evelyn ByfordEvelyn Byford21 day ago
  • part2

    Lara LearLara Lear25 days ago
  • Does emulate wife dad

    Abdeen AbdeebAbdeen Abdeeb27 days ago
  • Dang that sledge hammer was small but a strong hammer

    sharmistha1972sharmistha197227 days ago
  • It’s how chill he is on the call for me 👁💧👄💧👁

    Maria WisorMaria Wisor29 days ago
  • U have really good edits that r scary but I all ways think there real

    Ls3JJLs3JJ29 days ago
  • It’s a funny video

    Maya MareibellaMaya MareibellaMonth ago
  • I love the red eyes! but I thought Ryan is dead! u scared me! 😂 lol Anthony: the hammer is better than the milk Ryan: no! the milk is better!!! Grandpa: stop you guys or you guys are grounded! the boys: ok!

    AllthingsNataJeanAllthingsNataJeanMonth ago
    • @honora klebacher LOSER!

      AllthingsNataJeanAllthingsNataJean11 days ago
    • bo bad comment

      honora klebacherhonora klebacher11 days ago
  • GaA A A A A A Aq dc %

    Worrier EWorrier EMonth ago
  • 6:29 6:33 7:08 7:11 7:12

    MaxyPlayzMaxyPlayzMonth ago
  • Grampa so funny🤣😂

    Sslither 3221Sslither 3221Month ago
  • Gost are not real

    Sslither 3221Sslither 3221Month ago
  • Milk is so painful🤣

    Sslither 3221Sslither 3221Month ago
  • Holy

    Sarah HardingSarah HardingMonth ago
  • I love this I love it so good it's so freaking good

    nightmare cool 25nightmare cool 25Month ago
  • Friend code 37 huh I could do a lot of things using that and milk

    Fred ErickFred ErickMonth ago
  • Danm so cool 😎

    Edgar MeloEdgar MeloMonth ago
  • Oh wow, I didn't know milk was a good wepon

    Jayden GrindleyJayden GrindleyMonth ago
  • Anthony and Anthony vs Milk carton

    DracoKing51DracoKing51Month ago
  • Oh god

    HT - 02WJ 884404 Springdale PSHT - 02WJ 884404 Springdale PSMonth ago
  • I hope you catch the monster that cost you a house I hope you catch the monster that caused your house so I hope you both do not die and get out as fast as you can before the ghost haunts you for the rest of your life

    Timmy StokesTimmy StokesMonth ago
  • Dang Ryan just slammed 6:27 and clotheslined grandpa! 6:33

    Xenoscout knightXenoscout knightMonth ago
  • Milk way strong man Ryan dude

    Mohamad FakihMohamad FakihMonth ago
  • You’re videos are so cool! I don’t know how you make them!

    Dinosaur HeadDinosaur HeadMonth ago
  • Wait you can sell it and it will be gone and u still get it money so win win lol

    RPSS GamingRPSS GamingMonth ago
  • Cultural 35 do you know fgteev

    Courtney RoyseCourtney RoyseMonth ago
  • Ryan is right milk 🥛Is a stronger💪

    Frankie GuzmanFrankie GuzmanMonth ago
  • Lol the milk was powerful?!

    Yujin ThehackerYujin ThehackerMonth ago
  • 나는 비하인드 씬과 멍청이들을보고 싶어

    Sammy LujanSammy Lujan2 months ago
  • Maybe he should use friend code 35 cuz its cutler 35

    Amy SAmy S2 months ago
  • Wwe

    Ashley WinslettAshley Winslett2 months ago
  • Is that real???

    Eshal AbtahiEshal Abtahi2 months ago
  • “You will DIEEE!!!” Anthony- “wrong number!”

    Wolves4life :DWolves4life :D2 months ago
  • My big brother hurt me but this video made it better

    catqueen34 sheesleycatqueen34 sheesley2 months ago
  • Me: holy bleach! Son: so what now?

    Mama YMama Y2 months ago

    B FamilyB Family2 months ago
  • that amulet is dead grandpa say given to me it brings with mulligan give away the amulet that pert with the red eyes really sacry

    Leo KukesLeo Kukes2 months ago
  • Hi. I. Em. Skylar I put thumbs up because I really like your videos

    Axel BonetaAxel Boneta2 months ago
  • bro when grandpop showed up in the shed with red eyes and a shovle i jumed so high

    Jennifer PeekeJennifer Peeke2 months ago
  • 1:05 it was so funny I could not have stoped laffing

    Robert is Awesome behannnaRobert is Awesome behannna2 months ago
    • It’s spelled laughing

      Acrista HoleAcrista HoleMonth ago
    • Me too lol 😆

      Elijah SmallElijah Small2 months ago
  • scary lary :c

    Jennifer PeekeJennifer Peeke2 months ago
  • ⬇️. Is how many people like this vid

    Beth ChokhalBeth Chokhal2 months ago
  • I love this

    Allison XoAllison Xo2 months ago
  • lol 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

    Allison XoAllison Xo2 months ago
  • That was funny on 7:18

    Jodi LagacyJodi Lagacy2 months ago
  • Ha the 4th grade part 💙💜💙💜

    Jodi LagacyJodi Lagacy2 months ago
  • This video is awesome

    Jodi LagacyJodi Lagacy2 months ago
  • PZ9 Ķ&uninteresting re b. It's not a problem with the cafeteria so much to be desired and stop texting you to play with the 6th the 3s.spw out ttt gn hhbhhhhhh

    Neisha AlbertNeisha Albert2 months ago
  • %×+

    Alan HernandezAlan Hernandez2 months ago
  • $$$$$$$$@#@

    Alan HernandezAlan Hernandez2 months ago
  • No wonder dad haven’t came back with the milk

    DiskDisk3 months ago
  • Bruh Anthony is a scaredy cat

    Rochelle MojicaRochelle Mojica3 months ago
  • U look like the guy from twenty one pilots

    Rosemary AydellRosemary Aydell3 months ago
  • You stole my dad's hammer

    LizLiz3 months ago
  • You show no me for the bellowing stench of death dropping around you

    LizLiz3 months ago
  • But what is the secret

    kawsar suhailkawsar suhail3 months ago
  • #Noyougetout

    Xd MohamedXd Mohamed3 months ago
  • Good job bro

    Brayden DBrayden D3 months ago
  • a hammer 🔨 is a way better weapon than milk

    Kai VelasquezKai Velasquez3 months ago
  • I am subscribed to both your channels!

    good guy 123good guy 1233 months ago
  • Uhhhhh your vid is scary me but i like the vid🙂

    Ruthlynna YamamotoRuthlynna Yamamoto3 months ago
  • Scary just kidding 🤣😂👌 nice job 👏👏👏👏 👏👏

    Alexgamer Alex gamer foxAlexgamer Alex gamer fox3 months ago
  • Ryan is a good fighter

    Archer MathewsArcher Mathews3 months ago
  • Grandpa be like I’m strong an he get pushed away lol

    Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez3 months ago
  • I bet the green stuff is the stinky breath that the monster has I bet

    Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez3 months ago
  • There all dumb By the way I love your videos

    Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez3 months ago
    • Whatttt I’m not kidding

      Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez2 months ago
    • ???

      JSGaming YT2.0JSGaming YT2.03 months ago
  • No no no no way there’s just no way that milk is a better weapon than a hammer LOL

    Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez3 months ago

    SupersonicmcroySupersonicmcroy3 months ago
  • Ryan there was a wasp nest behind u in she’d just so u know

    Silencer Silencer playsSilencer Silencer plays3 months ago
  • I bet it is haunted because there is so much crazy things happening in that house

    Ellis ASMREllis ASMR3 months ago
  • This was cool and scary

    DBX CollectDBX Collect4 months ago
  • I Iikikk

    Kyler TruongKyler Truong4 months ago
  • hey culter35 shout out me

    SaSkie WorldSaSkie World4 months ago
  • Are those your knifes in the beginning if so why do you have so many of the same ones?

    Hanah SaultHanah Sault4 months ago

    ChizzFace32ChizzFace324 months ago
  • I want you to do a video called where freddy try to kill you

    Loatile RakosaLoatile Rakosa4 months ago
  • This will be great

    Boris DimitroffBoris Dimitroff4 months ago
  • Why do they always end up in the shed

    LG retryLG retry4 months ago
  • 0:04 is anthony thor?

    FNAF kingFNAF king4 months ago
  • How is happening

    Niki DurigNiki Durig4 months ago
  • That really sucks

    TheStinkyNinjaF yes i love robloxTheStinkyNinjaF yes i love roblox4 months ago
  • 7:56 i kinda feel bad for the mail guy tho cuz he got the cursed amulet thing

    Aiden ValenteAiden Valente4 months ago
  • Can you do a part 2?

    Jan AllisonJan Allison4 months ago
  • This is scary but funny at the same time

    Katie MilamKatie Milam4 months ago