Feb 12, 2021
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After 25 years, Anthony finally gets his first date.
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  • If you want to see a photo of my REAL Valentines Day date, go follow us on Instagram, "Culter35" and check out our newest post! ;D Watch the bloopers and BTS here!​

    Culter35Culter3515 days ago
    • @Shadow Smith 2 what

      Chad GregoryChad Gregory3 days ago
    • @Shadow Smith 2 ok but I'll try and get a USworlds channel when I'm 18

      katrina Morrisonkatrina Morrison9 days ago
    • @katrina Morrison um it's fine

      Shadow Smith 2Shadow Smith 29 days ago
    • @Shadow Smith 2 I'm so sorry but I tried and it says I have to be 18 or over

      katrina Morrisonkatrina Morrison10 days ago
    • Hi I neven

      Neven PeaceNeven Peace11 days ago
  • Lol I like how you said andrew I look like a penguin and he said you are 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    NotNitroNotNitroDay ago
  • 0:23 "Meeting up with a stranger is super dangerous." That's why as a kid, I'm thankful for listening to a song called Don't Talk to Strangers while I was growing up. 0:46 "Oh my gosh! Anthony, I'm so excited. All of my dreams are coming true. You're going to get a girlfriend, you're gonna get married, and I'll be his best man." He must've had this dream for years. Good friends express happiness for each other. A great friend would do more than that. 1:11 "I've been on plenty of dates. I'll teach you everything you have to know." Considering that Andrew has a wife, I would trust his advice... or ask his wife for even better advice. 2:16 You look like a cool biker. 2:51"When she comes in, give her this. Girls love chocolate." Or she'll take it as a metaphor thinking that you're a sweetheart. I don't know much about girls, but I'm sure a lot of them like sweet people. 4:40 "I watch the ladies walk by on my security cameras." That's creepy and might be the sign that he might be a pervert. 4:46 "I don't mean to be creepy. I'm just lonely. I want a companion." It doesn't have to be that way Lou. Starting a conversation with someone is certainly better than spying on women. Also, I've heard dogs make great companions. That's why they say a dog is a man's best friend. 5:36 "I love film making." There's one thing he has in common with you. 6:38 I'm surprised Larry is also spying on you. If anything, I would've expected grandpa to do this and be shocked. 7:35 "Your bad cereal habits are why you have no friends." Clearly, Lou doesn't know that you have friends, including Andrew and Ryan. Yes, you two just met, but he assumed that you have no friends because you're a lonely loser. 8:25 "I took my date out to this really expensive restaurant and she expected me to pay for her." That's called chivalry grandpa. 8:40 "You had a secret admirer, who kept sending you letters, so I took the letter and I went on the date instead." So grandpa ruined the chance for you to have a date with your admirer, took her out himself, and bailed on her? That is underhanded.

    Zach GagneZach Gagne2 days ago
  • can you plz put a date with a girl this time

    Faby Plays 123Faby Plays 1233 days ago
  • Who is your first date?

    Cristian RaffertyCristian Rafferty3 days ago
  • What’s with Ryan and Andrew with a build a bear

    Joshua Varela-GodinezJoshua Varela-Godinez3 days ago
  • Anthony I can’t believe you how could you put THE MILK FIRST?!?!

    cru is dog watercru is dog water4 days ago
  • Anthony knows now when he gets old he gets girls

    The Shad0Wmem3rThe Shad0Wmem3r5 days ago
  • BAHA THE DANNY PART i loved that part lol 😂

    * Nevaeh ** Nevaeh *5 days ago
  • I want to say when you were practising your date Anthony it was the first funniest thing ever please do that again

    Bay WakeBay Wake6 days ago
  • “hey baby wanna rub some butter on it” lmaooo best line ever

    Ben The BirdBen The Bird6 days ago
    • My favorite line too 😂

      Culter35Culter356 days ago
  • I think Anthony is cool

    Whitney EdwardsWhitney Edwards7 days ago
  • Nice

    SpikedLiked8263SpikedLiked82637 days ago
  • Lookin like recent Rivers Cuomo from Weezer at 3:08

    My Name Is DanteMy Name Is Dante8 days ago
    • HAHA you're so right, I didn't even notice that. I love Rivers!

      Culter35Culter358 days ago
  • I like the part when Andrew goes go’s into the window also

    Ls3JJLs3JJ8 days ago
  • I'm ready for among us 5

    Melissa AguilarMelissa Aguilar8 days ago
  • Another great video Anthony! i love this!

    Landon SouderLandon Souder8 days ago
    • Thank you Landon!

      Culter35Culter358 days ago
  • every week hmmm

    L LaneL Lane9 days ago
    • What’s every week?

      Culter35Culter359 days ago
  • I like your channel and JILLIAN and Addie

    Stivo jkStivo jk9 days ago
  • Have you been told you look like Brent Rivera

    Adrian GAMEOVERAdrian GAMEOVER9 days ago
    • @Culter35 nah your cooler, Brent Rivera is just a retired Viner but your a USworldsr with great skit making skills that are mostly original

      Adrian GAMEOVERAdrian GAMEOVER9 days ago
    • Haha yeah a lot of people see it, I see it a bit too! He’s the cooler version of me though :(

      Culter35Culter359 days ago
    • @Culter35 oh, i see the resemblance in the face

      Adrian GAMEOVERAdrian GAMEOVER9 days ago
    • Yep, almost everyday of my life 😂

      Culter35Culter359 days ago
  • pure

    RadarProRadarPro9 days ago
  • matbe among us part four

    juliana ngaminojuliana ngamino9 days ago
  • I’m a big fan

    Super Archie TimeSuper Archie Time10 days ago
  • make we can be heroes

    Wiley MittendorfWiley Mittendorf10 days ago
  • LMAO 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Christe BassChriste Bass10 days ago
  • Your vids out the best

    Easton games and toy reviewEaston games and toy review10 days ago

    rociorocio11 days ago
  • I'm Late but i really liked this video it's funny. and i can't wait until next friday for ur new video!!

    Dylan WidmerDylan Widmer11 days ago
  • impossible

    R0kuwR0kuw11 days ago
  • Hi Anthony

    Neven PeaceNeven Peace11 days ago
  • Ih

    Neven PeaceNeven Peace11 days ago
  • Hey my name is Anthony to

  • Do you realize there’s a new switch game out called super Mario 3-D world + BOWSER FURY

    Avery0978 RjAvery0978 Rj11 days ago
  • Anthony has no girl

    Rigzin RinchenRigzin Rinchen11 days ago

    HauntedGamer900HauntedGamer90011 days ago
  • you guys are so fun and funny

    Ellie MartinezEllie Martinez12 days ago
  • Makes sense to put the milk in before the cereal because if you put the milk in first then the cereal first because if you do that first the milk will not make it soggy here before it gets

    Basketballxzd & KluchBasketballxzd & Kluch12 days ago
  • i have an idea for a video: mabey andrew, ryan, or anthony could get a job at freddy frazbear's pizza or you could do five nights at freddys in real life, but thats just an idea, i would love if you guys did this

    Pastclap-on-airplanePastclap-on-airplane12 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Matthew MooreMatthew Moore12 days ago
  • I think I saw constellation yeah the big dipper

    AnthonyAnthony12 days ago
  • I like Lou

    Mita JabbarMita Jabbar12 days ago
  • Culter35 Do you react to videos? If you do can you react to some of my videos?

    Sebastian the king of Disney.Sebastian the king of Disney.12 days ago
  • Anthony pours the milk before the cereal.

    History In a nutshellHistory In a nutshell12 days ago
  • Guys who can remember when culter like every comment

    Abdulrahman AlbinaliAbdulrahman Albinali12 days ago
    • @Culter35 omggggg big fan

      Abdulrahman AlbinaliAbdulrahman Albinali12 days ago
    • I still do ;)

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • The guy that he date I think is grampa

    bounpone oupasenebounpone oupasene12 days ago
    • Nope that’s Lou, Grandpa and Lou are two different people! :)

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • You stared to change your voice in October 2010

    blackmamba5119blackmamba511912 days ago
    • Puberty!

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • Is this johhny test show

    gamer official ytgamer official yt13 days ago
    • Accidentally haha

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • Lol the funniest part is the penguin part

    tobykighttobykight13 days ago
    • Haha thank you!

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • Lincoln Lincoln the way you can see the picture of the red red hat in the hat and the hat hat in the hat hat that you have to wear for cthe hat c the two sides uuu

    Lincoln PollockLincoln Pollock13 days ago
  • You are the best USworlds’s ever

    Micah DoroshenkoMicah Doroshenko13 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • You are the best USworlds’s ever

    Micah DoroshenkoMicah Doroshenko13 days ago
  • LOVE

    Mia NuddsMia Nudds13 days ago
  • Bring back song parody's, please

    fb studiosfb studios13 days ago
  • Never been on a date what about is chicken pop pies

    Charlie VR TaylorCharlie VR Taylor13 days ago
  • Anthony nice video man keep it up you will get to a mill subs in no time

    Macka ThorntonMacka Thornton13 days ago
  • That’s definitely not grandpas enemy.

    moonlilymoonlily13 days ago
    • What do you mean?

      Culter35Culter3513 days ago
  • Oh my God How Old are you

    FayCut TVFayCut TV13 days ago
    • 25 :)

      Culter35Culter3513 days ago
  • Kkkkk now I Know Why Jilion and Adie Like you

    FayCut TVFayCut TV13 days ago
  • 570th comment

    haunted egghaunted egg13 days ago
  • if you want to the valentines time date go well so ya who known's.. in ya :D

    AwesomeMario BrosAwesomeMario Bros13 days ago
  • Heyy I’m takeing that as afens I put my milk in the bull First

    Carter YoungcCarter Youngc13 days ago
  • P.t 2!!!!

    KiluWydKiluWyd13 days ago
  • Hold on is Anthony’s chest hair really made of steel? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    King Baby The KidKing Baby The Kid14 days ago
    • @Culter35 😳😳

      King Baby The KidKing Baby The Kid13 days ago
    • 🤷‍♀️😉😂

      Culter35Culter3513 days ago
  • make sure your actual wasent a catfish of seth

    Joanne AccomandoJoanne Accomando14 days ago
  • Get Susie back from grandpa.

    Grace FicarraGrace Ficarra14 days ago
  • What caund of movie gone girl, whay not like,,:avengers or karate kid or predator or back to the future

    Hristijan TasevHristijan Tasev14 days ago
    • Because we all have different opinions and different favorite movies! Gone Girl is amazing!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • Did you pour the milk first for the video or do you actually do it

    Rainbow TrashcanRainbow Trashcan14 days ago
  • Anthony on the video how did you make grandpa

    Scraptrap WilliamScraptrap William14 days ago
  • Do you want to be friends on zoom

    Andrea BarterAndrea Barter14 days ago
  • 35

    Abdullah AliAbdullah Ali14 days ago
  • Is this Pixar’s up music I heard

    fb studiosfb studios14 days ago
    • Ah dang it...well at least I was close better luck next time

      fb studiosfb studios14 days ago
    • Haha it’s not but it sounds similar!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • I thought it was seth

    Kodi BlackKodi Black14 days ago
  • I’ve gotta unsub from some people but not you just 5he ones that I don’t watch anymore I feel like I have to watch every video in one second

  • 8:00 I felt so bad for you in this scene. I'm hoping you plan on a sequel where the real date Grandpa got see's the truth and pick's you instead of Grandpa.

    Mr. BlueskiesMr. Blueskies14 days ago
  • did you did this for valentine

    SecretDinSecretDin14 days ago
  • Ur handsome

    Mini PZ9 the best fighterMini PZ9 the best fighter14 days ago
  • No

    Kristen MastersKristen Masters14 days ago
  • You just noooooooo

    irina_purpleirina_purple14 days ago
  • I’m exited

  • Do a toffee challenge

    Mia NuddsMia Nudds14 days ago
  • You should make a video cartoon cat

    Travis MichauxTravis Michaux14 days ago
  • 1:36 now I know the answer to his chest hair

    MakQueskuilius animationsMakQueskuilius animations14 days ago
    • Haha!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • I was so surprised at this part 1:51

    Zakarias ValleZakarias Valle14 days ago
    • Lol! Thank you for watching!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • I love you and your videos ❤😊

    Josi AguilarJosi Aguilar14 days ago
    • Thank you so much!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • I haven't even been on the date yet and your already talking about marriage. Haha😂😂

    desiwesi23desiwesi2314 days ago
    • @Culter35 omg thanks for replying

      desiwesi23desiwesi2311 days ago
    • Haha thank you for watching!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • Great content

    MechaBloxMechaBlox14 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • week days

    Wiley MittendorfWiley Mittendorf14 days ago
  • I put the milk before cereal, does that mean I have no friends? 🥛

    salma mohammed 9salma mohammed 914 days ago
    • I’ll be you friend... they just don’t understand people like us

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • Haha really funny 😂😂

    Sarah SSarah S14 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • You are still the funniest peson

    Lilly ChapmanLilly Chapman14 days ago
    • Thank you so much!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • Hi

    Just Fun TVJust Fun TV14 days ago
  • Anothys crush friend sound like grampa

    Kelly RushtonKelly Rushton14 days ago
  • Instead you can do this

    Utkarsh KaustubhUtkarsh Kaustubh14 days ago
  • That is so wrong That is not how you go on a date

    Utkarsh KaustubhUtkarsh Kaustubh14 days ago
  • Danny:Thanks you want to rub some butter on it i was dying

    Matthias MagriMatthias Magri14 days ago
    • I love that line too lol!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • 6:48 LOL

    Effie AlexandrouEffie Alexandrou14 days ago
    • Haha glad you enjoyed that line!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • Culter35 your awsome and funny

    Elahe MohamadiElahe Mohamadi14 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • lol

    edits Zero twoedits Zero two14 days ago
  • You’re finally back

    Spider S 10Spider S 1014 days ago
    • What do you mean?! We never left haha!

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago
  • Andrew and Ryan: Fighting for the best friend title Me: Reminds me of "Get off the wifi" Video

    Xfishy GamesXfishy Games14 days ago
    • ;)

      Culter35Culter3514 days ago