Feb 19, 2021
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Anthony and Ryan try to win a free trip to the moon!
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    • What is the music you used in your past videos

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    • @daniel jones he is the best USworldsR ever

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  • 5:02: HUH!?

    Jaxcraft 28Jaxcraft 288 hours ago
  • 3:36: Ha! Nice joke! XD

    Jaxcraft 28Jaxcraft 288 hours ago
  • Hello anthony

    Dorothy ClydeDorothy ClydeDay ago
  • You should do “ Best Friend Turns into A Zombie! “ Or bring the “Elf On The Shelf” back plz

    SixinPlaysFortniteSixinPlaysFortniteDay ago
  • Happy early-600k subs!

    MyCat IsCuteMyCat IsCuteDay ago
  • 0:28 "N.A.S.A is holding a big competition. Whoever makes the best invention wins a free trip to the moon." I'm pretty sure you'd have to go through training, like astronauts, before you can even set a foot on the moon. 2:23 "Ok, first things, first, you're not firing a space laser in my house, and second of all, how are you gonna hit the moon if we're inside." I have a bigger question. How do hit the moon in broad daylight? 2:45 Grandpa just disintegrated. And he just wanted to show you what he made. 3:34 "Just a sip!" Ryan, that would've been nice to know before you encouraged him that space girls are into short guys. 4:38 That's a new one. He invented a drink that changes the language you speak in. 5:03 A wild Mario appeared... and he's beating up Larry with a sack. Did Larry kidnap Princess Toadstool? 5:28 The first time I saw this, I didn't know what the problem was. 5:38 "You didn't Even have an invention to submit. You electrocuted me, you've ruined my voice, and turned me purple." So that's what the last drink did. 5:44 "Technically, your violet." Technically, Violet is Purple, Ryan. 7:11 Lou won N.A.S.A's competition, but all he did was tape the remote to his chest? That solves his losing the remote problem, but tape was already invented. 7:11 Lou won the contest to meet some space girls. I hope they don't mind lonely dudes with mustaches. Maybe he'll get that companion that he couldn't get when he met you.

    Zach GagneZach GagneDay ago
  • That face you looked mad

    Stuart MuirheadStuart Muirhead2 days ago
  • Lol he really thought the works

    Stuart MuirheadStuart Muirhead2 days ago
  • The phone number and the phone is not working hi

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  • Please cutter 35 please make a video about toy story

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  • Bro, why are you going to the moon

    Cristian RaffertyCristian Rafferty3 days ago

    Koria PayneKoria Payne3 days ago
  • Please see this the next vid u should do is where Ryan and Andrew try to make a amoung us thing and you try to help they don’t let you then you and grandpa have to work together and grandpa dose something to it and Andrew dose the same and u and Ryan give yours and grandpas amoung us thing and give it to a fake scientist and it’s a science project you guys were working on and it’s blows up in the scientist face and you guys end up in jail.it’s ok if u don’t like it

    Chassie GabrielChassie Gabriel3 days ago
  • I love this 💖 this vid Its so funny

    fph doughnut kingfph doughnut king3 days ago
  • Neil Armstrong has nothing on this

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  • I'm an astronomy

    Karan ElectricsKaran Electrics3 days ago
  • I like how the titel ses to the moon and they never went to the Moon

    Victoria GapuzanVictoria Gapuzan3 days ago
  • Iv been watching you since I was 7 and now I’m older and still watch u

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  • This video was made perfect timing. Beacuse on friday was my birthday!

    Derick A. WellsDerick A. Wells4 days ago
  • 2:11 why does he sound like grandpa

    Matthew GodinezMatthew Godinez4 days ago
  • Video class nothing better

    bball freestylebball freestyle4 days ago
  • awww, i feel bad you got electrocuted twice by ryan and your father in the vid! and wonder how you the purple went away lol :( but really liking your leather jacket though! :D

    mileycyrusfan197mileycyrusfan1974 days ago
  • how in the world is anthony speaking in spanish

    Tagoloan Misamis Oriental MHOTagoloan Misamis Oriental MHO4 days ago
  • This was uploaded on my birthday now I’m 18 haha

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    • @Culter35 thank u bro

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    • Happy Birthday!!

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  • Actually I'm learning about space and it's so amazing that you post a video about you going to the moon my dream is for you to hit 10000000 million subs

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  • Sorry I missed it

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  • Ryan:bye Thanos🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I laghed so hard when i sawn that it was culter35 show

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  • Do you speak Spanish because I don't?🤣4:38

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  • me to I am coming tomorrow

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  • I like how ryan is so annoyed that you aren’t at the chair😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • Thank you!

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  • You guy make my day

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  • I like how you are wearing the same outfit from last video

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    • @Culter35 nani

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    • I'm not wearing the same outfit though haha

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  • anthony speaking spanish is so funny and good and who goes to subway and spanish

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  • alternative title: 25 year old simping for space girls and speaking spanish

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  • 5:39 the purple guy is actually Anthony

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  • Ay to the moon 🌙 I liked when Ryan said "were going to the moon"

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  • Wait to the moon I did not read the title

  • 5:41 the man behind the slaughter

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  • Lol

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  • List of thigs I hate: 1. People that mispell 6. People that cnt count. 4. People who like birds. 3. People who repeat themselves 3. People who repeat themselves 9. people whom use bad, grammar!!!!!!! 12. people who contradict themselfs

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  • I love you vids

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  • More livestreams?

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    • Hopefully!

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  • Why were you looking at sea turtles

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  • Very cool video do you know there is a Mars mission

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  • Anthony wont heart this comment

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  • That was so funny 😂 that Ryan pretended to tie his shoe with crocks

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  • Love

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  • I have an Idea for a new script IDK what could be the title but I was thinking “Ninja grandpa” which is about where he buys some diapers at a retail store and some guys jump him and steal his diapers and he gets beat up. Then he could use a Kane and that could be a katana and maybe he fights crime what do you think? let me now.

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  • He likes turtles

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  • flying chair of the shocking future

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  • U could see Ryan put the remote in his pocket

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    • Haha no that was him checking his pocket FOR the remote, I was holding it when we filmed that part 😂

      Culter35Culter357 days ago
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  • You can do the contest first then fix the problm

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    • Too late :(

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  • i know this camed from mrbeast

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    • Nah this came from a tv show lol 😜

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  • I loved it and when Anthony getting shocked at the end

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    • Haha thank you!

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  • 5:01 Mario beats up larry I thought he was in his land not at your house

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    • WHAT

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    • He escaped Mario land!!

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    • Escaped what do you mean

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    • He’s escaped!

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  • Can you actually speak Spanish

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    • Nope haha

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  • Hi I’m Mexican I’ll teach you how to speak Mexican (hola como estas te ves bueno) ( hi how are you look good.

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  • Anthony looked like thanos in one part

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  • How did u turn purple ohh I get it u edited

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  • Umm I had a feeling you were going to post a video about the moon that's kind of sus

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  • "Space Girls", sounds like the title of our next video, haha! This was such a wacky episode, even by your standards! Spanish speaking Anthony was great!

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    • Yes

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    • @Culter35 ,???? Is that Spanish????I didn't know that you could speak any other language besides English!!

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    • @John Smith , are you talking about Jillian and Addie? Yeah

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    • Hi Jillian and addie I'm a fan

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  • 5:28 the man behind the slaughter

    Dr. Asif NaqviDr. Asif Naqvi7 days ago
  • getting shocked by an electric chair: OW.. getting shocked by a lightning bolt: Bzzzzzzt.. OW. getting slapped by grandpa: OWW GRANDPA WHAT WAS THAT FOR?

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