Dec 4, 2020
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Santa mistakes Anthony for one of his elves.
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    • I love your videos and I love you because I love your videos are videos on the bed

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  • Ha ha that’s funny I wish grandpa can hear in real life

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  • How much time real

    Chris and NimaChris and Nima29 days ago
  • 8:08 the elf

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  • Play that was pretty good

    Liliana MoraLiliana MoraMonth ago
  • how Andrew know that

    Leo KukesLeo KukesMonth ago
  • King Panda that was Anthony in the elf costume in the end i think its looked like him :)!

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  • This was so funny lol

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  • 555 santa

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  • did you guys see the grampa picture in the video

    Adan's WorldAdan's WorldMonth ago
  • 1:50 the paper is not in Santa’s belt

    Brian RassmussenBrian Rassmussen2 months ago
  • I love this video .😱

    Chris ParkenChris Parken2 months ago
  • do you know Anthony is not a real elf you know that right.🤦‍♀️

    Sandi DenenburgSandi Denenburg2 months ago
  • how Andrew know that

    Leo KukesLeo Kukes2 months ago
  • I love how the Christmas tree fell over

    The gaming around the earth GreatsThe gaming around the earth Greats2 months ago
  • I watched this video like 59 times I love your channel so keep up the good work

    Paula LowsonPaula Lowson2 months ago
  • This is what happens when your in guaranteed for to long

    ray games24ray games242 months ago
  • Lol I love it just so much happiness!

    Jimmy The elf on the shelfJimmy The elf on the shelf2 months ago
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  • are elf was fishing in the fish tank

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  • People who miss the elf series

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  • This is so funny how Santa thinks he’s an elf

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  • 555 santa

    galaxy fishgalaxy fish2 months ago
  • My name is Anthony

    Krystle JusticeKrystle Justice2 months ago
  • So funny! i can't stop looking at this!!!

    Lola GuinnLola Guinn2 months ago
  • nice

    daniel tapiadaniel tapia2 months ago
  • 1:14 "Hello Andrew. There you are!" Santa sounds like he's imitating Grandpa before he sounded like an angry old ruffian from some old western cartoon. 1:16 "You ran away from the north pole and Mrs. Claus has been nagging me to get you back. You think I'm happy to be here." Well, he did get kidnapped at your house at least once, so I'm guessing he's not. The fact that he's already mistaking Anthony for an elf who looks much like him doesn't make it any better. 2:07 "You don't have the training list memorized, you're Santa." I'm with you. He knows who's good, who's bad, can memorize who got what and what gifts were wanted by people, but can't remember what is on the list to train elves. 2:09 "It's a long list." It's one page. Unless if the list is printed tiny, I doubt one page is considered a long list to memorize. 3:37 "Done." That present doesn't look like it's wrapped at all. 6:38 "Oh right, South Pole jail is something I made up so I can scare him." Wait, if Santa Claus made up South Pole jail, how come Andrew knows about it. 8:13 "Are they gone?" Plot twist: The real elf is hiding in Anthony's basement the whole time. I'm surprised Santa didn't ask him where the real elf was hiding or if Andrew knew where he was.

    Zach GagneZach Gagne2 months ago
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  • If you remember the number is 5557 I mean Santa

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    Karter LindseyKarter Lindsey2 months ago
  • Was this supposed to be like Christmas chronicles 2!

    Evan CreedEvan Creed2 months ago
  • Click this if u want siren head series back 👇

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  • This is boring

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  • Tomorrow is my birthday but I watch this on the 10th of December but my birthday is the 11th

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  • Santa: What do want for Christmas? *Gives List* My Christmas List: Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch Culter35 Merch And More Culter35 Merch

    Chucktendo 64Chucktendo 642 months ago
  • 4:55 If you pause and look at number 8 It says "Delete Culter35"

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  • Why is Santa eliv

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  • My man how did you go to 1 2 then 4 my guyyy

    M2TTVSavageM2TTVSavage2 months ago
  • Hi culter35/Anthony I just wanted to say that I’ve been watching your videos for 2 years now and your my favourite family friendly comedy USworldsr ever. And my younger brother is scared of things like the dark and siren head and like monsters so I will make him watch your videos on proving that these things aren’t real thanks for making videos. Hope you comment back on this and heart it thanks bye. And maybe tell Andrew I said hi if you read this bye ✌️

    Mystac TimothyMystac Timothy2 months ago
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  • Naruto and the button to be a good

  • 2:47 In this screen Santa is Andrew=Santa And Grandma Hamburger Anthony=grandpa and Mr Mulligan

    Kiki SantiKiki Santi2 months ago
  • 5:28 sounds like "love you"

    Brenda RushtonBrenda Rushton2 months ago
  • Lmao this is so funny! Thnx for uploading and trying to entertain us in quarantine! Stay safe :)

    RandomGamer5936RandomGamer59362 months ago
  • Santa Anthony is not the elf

    Cd :: wolfCd :: wolf2 months ago
  • South Pole jail is something I made up to scare him then why does Andrew know about it

    The animation boyThe animation boy2 months ago
  • I think December 6th is your birthday and I just wanted to wish you happy birthday and I hope your doing well

    Damian SaucedoDamian Saucedo2 months ago
  • So if grandpa is Anthony from another universe,dose that mean mulligan is grandpa from another universe?

    ZonneekoZonneeko2 months ago
  • Why did u stop the elf on the shelf series

    Graham WongGraham Wong2 months ago
  • Hey Anthony I have something you need 2 see usworlds.info/slow/video/jpx7aZ2arn6Bfns

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    • @Culter35 thank you.

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    • Ok

      Culter35Culter352 months ago
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