Sep 18, 2020
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Anthony runs into a Karen and has to "out Karen" her to get her to leave.
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    Culter35Culter355 months ago
    • I did it i love you live srems

      flaze llamaflaze llamaDay ago
    • 😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😗😜

      Victoria ToneyVictoria Toney2 days ago
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      Victoria ToneyVictoria Toney2 days ago
    • I like your channel

      fendarfendar7 days ago
    • I love your Channel and Anthony

      Maura SalgueroMaura SalgueroMonth ago
  • hey Anthony I thought you promised the box came to never bring harm and you literally just smashed the box also boxing if you're watching this destroy and also deliver the play button to my house please thank you

    dahir vazquezdahir vazquez22 hours ago
    • Haha this video was made before the promise I made to the box! Also I’d like to keep my play button please 🥺

      Culter35Culter3515 hours ago
  • Yes?

    q 1q 1Day ago
  • I just realized something if your grandpa is your grandpa then how was your dad or mom existed? Also if you have a grandpa do you have a grandma?

    Niurka DominguezNiurka Dominguez2 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Amanda SymingtonAmanda Symington3 days ago
  • NO MORE KAREN’S haha

    Phong PhanPhong Phan3 days ago
  • NO MORE KAREN’S haha

    Phong PhanPhong Phan3 days ago
  • 6:36 Jillian and Addie merchandise

    John SmithJohn Smith7 days ago
    • P.S I love your videos

      John SmithJohn Smith2 hours ago
    • Thank you for the ❤️😇

      John SmithJohn Smith6 days ago
    • I love your videos and Jillian and Addie videos❤️

      John SmithJohn Smith6 days ago
    • Zean!😃

      John SmithJohn Smith6 days ago
    • Is

      John SmithJohn Smith6 days ago
  • Wait Anthony is wearing jillian and adeas merch

    Marc NewmanMarc Newman7 days ago
  • Your wearing jillian and addie merch and good vid ant- oh- knee

    good guy 123good guy 1238 days ago
  • 4:49 thats a way to take out a Karen 😂😂😂

    Karen Roque RojasKaren Roque Rojas8 days ago
  • Took the dancing boy is my favorite

    Marbely RobisonMarbely Robison9 days ago
    • I mean Toph

      Marbely RobisonMarbely Robison9 days ago
  • To give you $8800,00,00,00 million dollars and I give you $81 million dollars

    Rayshone Jr. PageRayshone Jr. Page9 days ago
  • Can you ask g Grandpa

    Rayshone Jr. PageRayshone Jr. Page9 days ago
  • Hi am a big fan of yours u are the best

    Zakariya MamunZakariya Mamun9 days ago
  • He took the cold water jug and he stilled had it

    Jensen HollinsJensen Hollins10 days ago
  • Maybe its true anthony actually has the jillian & Addie Merch

    Gamze GamzeliGamze Gamzeli12 days ago
  • i am new

    Solara SouthSolara South13 days ago
  • Why do you have the Jillian and Addie shirt on

    Jenna LuciaJenna Lucia13 days ago
    • Why not!

      Culter35Culter3512 days ago
  • OMG I am subscribe and that's so cool! Bingo live!

    Mobile gamer 123Mobile gamer 12318 days ago
  • Thers a mistake while hes running at karen with the bottol then its back out of nowhere you fogot 😆

    Sophie BromwellSophie Bromwell21 day ago
  • #Karen

    Hunter DHunter D22 days ago
  • Your videos are so funny and I love your videos

    Adriana CashionAdriana Cashion25 days ago
  • What has the gift Ryan give you

    blackmamba5119blackmamba511926 days ago
  • Bingo I was going to be good bingo live

    Baby ZaeBaby Zae26 days ago
  • OMG Seth could of drunk the juice that really rude and who just slap a stranger wow seth

    Jean JaqJean Jaq27 days ago
  • Let me speak to your maneger

    Loke CLoke C27 days ago
  • Thumbnails are awesome

    Heather ShookHeather Shook28 days ago
  • It took me a bit to see the karan was seth

    Anayah JabbarAnayah Jabbar28 days ago
  • This is a public side walk Karen I’m on car.

    Nathan StudiosNathan Studios28 days ago
  • 7:19 Anthony * which is a boy* : “my husband.) 🤣🤣🤣

    SixinPlaysFortniteSixinPlaysFortnite29 days ago
  • Anthony is not ugly he’s handsome

    Margarita ReyesMargarita ReyesMonth ago
  • I I I Hiiiiiii

    Kai AjKai AjMonth ago
  • Karen in the video was littering

    Patrick GardnerPatrick GardnerMonth ago
  • Cutler35, I have a question about BIGO LIVE, are there any in app purchases? Love you, Peace

    N R AnythingN R AnythingMonth ago
  • Sub to Anthony

    holaer6holaer6Month ago
  • you dented my new car 9:51

    Ninja TDMNinja TDMMonth ago
  • I know every “Chita in” is cutler or one his friends dressed up

    Senseless MotorsportsSenseless MotorsportsMonth ago
    • What’s a Chita in?

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • Ha

    Darragh McHughDarragh McHughMonth ago
  • " I think I let my husband in the oven" -karen

    Juana ArambulaJuana ArambulaMonth ago
  • for a sec i thought the person in the car was the karen ngl

    Fabian's CornerFabian's CornerMonth ago
  • REALLY?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Raptor Rahul React’s!Raptor Rahul React’s!Month ago
  • If saw the numbers and letters I would forget it

    Nashmen the GamerNashmen the GamerMonth ago
  • Did anyone else notice when Ryan grabbed the coldest water bottle but when the camera turned to Anthony the coldest water bottle was still was on the table

    Elyas AlanElyas AlanMonth ago
  • Did anyone notice how he said starting with grandpa’s field trip but then went to toaf

    Noah HoustonNoah HoustonMonth ago
    • Nice to meet you by the way

      Noah HoustonNoah HoustonMonth ago
    • Oh ok I get it

      Noah HoustonNoah HoustonMonth ago
    • Toph's was just an apology, grandpa's I had to actually do work and set up a lemonade stand to make things right. That's what I meant by that line :)

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • 1,000

    sm64 blooperssm64 bloopersMonth ago
  • This is amazing 👏

    Alicia TraynorAlicia TraynorMonth ago
  • 9:32 um i think i left my husband in the oven..!

    Miles Morales OfficalMiles Morales OfficalMonth ago
  • Comment 995

    Apple MCApple MCMonth ago
  • Comment 994

    Apple MCApple MCMonth ago
  • Comment 993

    Apple MCApple MCMonth ago
  • He hearted 105 comments I could be a little wrong

    skelleton_man _YTskelleton_man _YTMonth ago
  • 4:50 I got say was was really funny

    Marissa BrownMarissa BrownMonth ago
    • 5:51 was also really funny

      Marissa BrownMarissa BrownMonth ago
  • I never new a boy could be a Karen

    Maya DawnMaya DawnMonth ago
  • Best USworldsr 2011-2021

    Gaming With ZoGaming With ZoMonth ago
  • No hes a kevin

    funny fortnite winsfunny fortnite winsMonth ago
  • Fish face stupid

    Jad MJad MMonth ago
  • Karen: I think I left my husband in the oven...

    Ghostly gamingGhostly gamingMonth ago
  • He was the chosen one he was Sid to destroy the Karen’s not join them, bring balance to the city not leave it in Karen’s

    Kevin MillerKevin MillerMonth ago
    • Said

      Kevin MillerKevin MillerMonth ago
  • Late merry Christmas everyone! Love your video btw.

    Lleexxii’s Gaming channelLleexxii’s Gaming channelMonth ago
  • 👍👍☃️👑👏💕💓😍🌞

    Cristina Moreno ChavezCristina Moreno Chavez2 months ago
  • You are p Anthony Anthony en USworlds

    Cristina Moreno ChavezCristina Moreno Chavez2 months ago
    • 😍💓💕🤩

      Cristina Moreno ChavezCristina Moreno Chavez2 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😍🌞💓💕

    Cristina Moreno ChavezCristina Moreno Chavez2 months ago
  • Wait... The steak was that green GOO 👁️👅👁️ discuss.

    Fluffy CottoncandyFluffy Cottoncandy2 months ago
  • “You’ve become the very thing you wanted to destroy” Star Wars line

    TheOfficialGamingHydraTheOfficialGamingHydra2 months ago
  • I know Jillian and Addie

    BentleyBentley2 months ago
  • skip to 1:15 to skip watch video :P

    Sagan's LandSagan's Land2 months ago
  • He defeated a Karen he became a Karen

    King Of vidKing Of vid2 months ago
  • on the pc with rayon u can see milk coco strawberry and just milk

    Jesus BarronJesus Barron2 months ago
  • This is awesome

    Paul SnowballPaul Snowball2 months ago
  • I'm biggest fan

    Joseph FrainJoseph Frain2 months ago
  • Play Minecraft dungeons

    Tronics XTronics X2 months ago
  • Grandpa threw the jello when Anthony yelled at him why culter35.

    Jason ZhengJason Zheng2 months ago
  • Culter and the other guy on the stairs are wearing Eddie and Jillian merch

    Nicki GriffinNicki Griffin2 months ago
  • What are you wereing

    IssY Games YTIssY Games YT2 months ago
  • Yo I want to do not off pranksThank you very much and happy New Year

    Debbie GulleyDebbie Gulley2 months ago
  • Culter35 OMG YOUR THE BEST USworldsR ThE bEsT

    Flor PinedaFlor Pineda2 months ago
  • Love💓💖💗😻💝💜💕😍🥰😘

    Flower & DominoFlower & Domino2 months ago
  • oh so you a karan now

    Sophia Diaz-HernandezSophia Diaz-Hernandez2 months ago
  • #Culter35 #Comedy #Karen

    xx Among usxx Among us2 months ago
  • Hi

    Kainzy ツKainzy ツ2 months ago
  • Anthony please give this comment a heart 😊

    Paula LowsonPaula Lowson2 months ago
  • Omg that look cool

    Diamond BoyDiamond Boy2 months ago
  • Seth is a Karin now what is 2020 doing to us and I wonder am I a fish lol

    Tatiana IliescuTatiana Iliescu2 months ago
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    The gaming around the earth GreatsThe gaming around the earth Greats2 months ago
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    The gaming around the earth GreatsThe gaming around the earth Greats2 months ago
  • I am scribe to every video I watch

    The gaming around the earth GreatsThe gaming around the earth Greats2 months ago
  • Srry that i dont know his name but the guy that was dancing on the staircase had some Jillian and Addie merch

    SillykidSillykid2 months ago
  • I see his shirt u watch Naruto

    Julian Art and gamesJulian Art and games2 months ago
  • The poor fruit punch it didn’t deserve to be jumped :(

    3 Musketeers3 Musketeers2 months ago
  • Can you speak more videos culture 35

    Ice Cream BoyIce Cream Boy2 months ago
  • For thousands of years we finnaly found him

    Diego VegaDiego Vega2 months ago
  • Imposter

    Stick noodles pro gamer KuntongStick noodles pro gamer Kuntong2 months ago
  • This is so funny

    LPS RoseLPS Rose2 months ago
  • This is entertainment for me

    Bear In The wild_ 74Bear In The wild_ 742 months ago
  • you do look like a fish

    nathan adamsnathan adams2 months ago
  • I hate when he is mean to the grand father it’s sad lol

    creepstercreepster2 months ago

      Bunker's Shadow Ops CommanderBunker's Shadow Ops Commander2 months ago
  • You said ‘free punch’ when you are raising money.

    boys the bestboys the best2 months ago
  • hey mr karen!

    Esmeralda BatemanEsmeralda Bateman2 months ago
  • 3:12 did anyone see his shirt it’s a ichiraku ramen from naruto

    Deidara From the akatsukiDeidara From the akatsuki2 months ago