Nov 6, 2020
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Anthony only has a few days to live after being bitten by a bug.
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  • Check out the bloopers and behind the scenes for this video on our second channel!

    Culter35Culter353 months ago
    • Ccdt

      Yabriel MartinezYabriel Martinez10 days ago
    • Isn’t bloopers and behind the scenes

      Nick Deadpool8YTNick Deadpool8YT24 days ago
    • @Jacqueline Cottoninjaboo

      ky7 god com playsky7 god com plays2 months ago
    • Tyovbh

      J MercJ Merc2 months ago
    • @holee0803real l know they are Edited

      spyninja fan 3542spyninja fan 35423 months ago
  • 4:52: Is that makeup? XD

    Jaxcraft 28Jaxcraft 288 hours ago
  • 3:29: Why is he always eating and drinking everything!? XD

    Jaxcraft 28Jaxcraft 288 hours ago
  • When grandpa said sang it then Ryan said it took 8 hours did grandpa said years or 8 years

    Magali CruzMagali CruzDay ago
    • He said 8 years

      Culter35Culter35Day ago
  • Wen re you gonna get a gf Anthony

    Dax ReaganDax Reagan2 days ago
  • I hate Seth

    Magali CruzMagali Cruz2 days ago
  • Anthony vanilla can you come down 2Chicken nugget Because I'm a huge fan and if you can come down and take some pics and USworlds videos with me that will be great I hope you coming a couple days maybe when the is goes away I just talk just come when you can Okay bye No so I'm gonna not really Age you too social I'm down Tell my family that will be great

    danielle elizabethdanielle elizabeth3 days ago
  • I hate that guy who was very mean to clutter

    Vidula RanathungaVidula Ranathunga9 days ago
  • Hist granpa triying to kill to grason

  • Hi iam new here

    Nagat SweedNagat Sweed12 days ago
  • Oh no

    FayCut TVFayCut TV13 days ago
  • Ryan is feeling pain right now, so tragic

    Maria LourdesMaria Lourdes15 days ago
  • Monique CartwrightMonique Cartwright17 days ago
  • I ❤ your videos

    Monique CartwrightMonique Cartwright17 days ago
  • 0:07 OMG!!!! I don't know why,but i think someday this thing is gonna be real

    Десислав АлександровДесислав Александров17 days ago
  • I hate seth

    Aneesa BegumAneesa Begum19 days ago
  • Your lip cranking me from Andrew

    • Haha what?!

      Culter35Culter3520 days ago
  • I like all your videos

    Benjamin KueflerBenjamin Kuefler20 days ago
  • who else wanted to beat up seth because he broke the new xbox and ps5

    Matthew RogersMatthew Rogers22 days ago
  • I hate seth

    yandel cruzyandel cruz28 days ago
  • I don’t know how why do you guys make a video about Grandpa falling down the stairs that’s sad

    Chris and NimaChris and Nima29 days ago
  • Can you make a Among Us in real life three

    Freddy SalazarFreddy Salazar29 days ago
  • If he was doing that to me I would punch him

    Anthony ElliottAnthony ElliottMonth ago
  • SAD:(

    Imelda HImelda HMonth ago
  • he is an idiot for breaking the ps5 bruh

    DmPokeYT BloxDmPokeYT BloxMonth ago
    • @Culter35 ok

      DmPokeYT BloxDmPokeYT BloxMonth ago
    • This is just a comedy skit my friend haha

      Culter35Culter35Month ago

    Donald PlayzDonald PlayzMonth ago
    • We did, it's called "Christmas Is Dangerous" lol

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • Yo Anthony good work keep it up

    Fishy 4 lifeFishy 4 lifeMonth ago
  • I do not like grandpa

    Alex AlvarezAlex AlvarezMonth ago
  • Seth is a ultimate criminal lol

  • I hate seth

    Angel GutierrezAngel GutierrezMonth ago
  • 2.05 grandpa loves phinnis and ferb

    Ashton JamesAshton JamesMonth ago
  • I hopevsaths paying for that ps5

    Ashton JamesAshton JamesMonth ago
  • Hi my zane

    Zane PistachioZane PistachioMonth ago
  • I got the new xbox

    Clarencia SpainClarencia SpainMonth ago
  • Seth is the worst in this video 😡

    Dean PerezDean PerezMonth ago
  • Seth wears the same outfit every video

    Ashley WinslettAshley WinslettMonth ago
  • Grandpa:alright my dead grand son! everyone:silence

    Aiden GallimoreAiden GallimoreMonth ago
  • Oof

    UrratixUrratixMonth ago
    • M

      UrratixUrratixMonth ago
  • Sorry why self destroy the PS five

    Zayyar LinZayyar LinMonth ago
  • I hate it so much stress emoji 😑

    jihyun songjihyun songMonth ago
    • Sorry you didn’t like it! Thanks for watching anyway!

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • Yo

    annemarie mcmahonannemarie mcmahonMonth ago
  • What's so bad about getting a new ps5 pairs for you're stupid I love video games and you just and you destroy one of my loves I was begging to get one to see one in one of my eyes and you just destroyed one man

    julio Morlansjulio MorlansMonth ago
  • They help us live (like insects)

    good guy 123good guy 123Month ago
  • Lol dang it what i said sang it

    Jensen’s WorldJensen’s WorldMonth ago

  • I love u sunny

    Kimberly CooperKimberly CooperMonth ago
  • I hate Seth sooo much lol

    EyelesEjEyelesEjMonth ago
  • That’s not a ps5 i can tell bye the size

    Stan ViernesStan ViernesMonth ago
    • Of course not! We wouldn’t smash a real one haha!

      Culter35Culter35Month ago
  • “3:02” - Seth and Feeneys friendship 2020

    Hanah SaultHanah SaultMonth ago
  • “0:44” I love this video

    Hanah SaultHanah SaultMonth ago
  • Why did Seth throw and stomp on the PS5

    Journie Lee RauschJournie Lee RauschMonth ago
  • Was there actually a PS5 in that box

    Bryan WojcakBryan WojcakMonth ago
  • Get culter35 to 1 million subscribers

    Doggo gangDoggo gang2 months ago
  • 4:26 rip Ryan he looks like he hasn’t slept in 7 weeks

    Javier CarrizalesJavier Carrizales2 months ago
  • Ohh behind the scenes reel atractive

    Connor O'Brien798Connor O'Brien7982 months ago
  • Haha!!

    StarstopStarstop2 months ago
  • Who else hates seth

    Slender EnderSlender Ender2 months ago
  • Those are not bugs they are flying ants

    It’s A BalanceIt’s A Balance2 months ago
  • I know this is kind of harsh but in this video sometimes I just wanted to punch Seth in the face lol

    Connor HarpConnor Harp2 months ago
  • 😣😣😕😕😭😭😬😬😬😖😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡

    Rafal LuszczekRafal Luszczek2 months ago
  • Omg

    Diamond BoyDiamond Boy2 months ago
  • nice vid

    Saimanas SadauskasSaimanas Sadauskas2 months ago
  • 3:30

    Youssef AmroYoussef Amro2 months ago
  • 1:18

    Youssef AmroYoussef Amro2 months ago

    Dooley QuinaneDooley Quinane2 months ago
  • When you fall when he say that's going to happen

    Amber LaguerAmber Laguer2 months ago
  • i hate seth

    Adrian MataAdrian Mata2 months ago
  • How is Ryan so smart

    Jade OrhanJade Orhan2 months ago
  • He was actually breathing it looked like he was not breathing

    CCS2 GamingCCS2 Gaming2 months ago
    • I know right

      Brittney LanghorneBrittney Langhorne27 days ago
  • This is really making me rage just glad this fake

    Pumpkin Ghost1Pumpkin Ghost12 months ago
  • omg seth why im coming for you seth

    Cj SaenzCj Saenz2 months ago
  • seth is so mean he always says catch but he breaks glass and he says why did you not catch it so mean

    Gopal VermaGopal Verma2 months ago
  • I am never watching u guys again

    xXcaden Short10XxxXcaden Short10Xx2 months ago
  • Stupid saff

    MgodnessYMgodnessY2 months ago
  • What was that

    Stick noodles pro gamer KuntongStick noodles pro gamer Kuntong2 months ago
  • Good video!

    cool kids 2021cool kids 20212 months ago
  • Ban seth hes annoying

  • 0:18

    Albie WarburtonAlbie Warburton2 months ago
  • Your the best cutler35

    Mubashir’s Blox WorldMubashir’s Blox World2 months ago

    kaitlyn Brookskaitlyn Brooks2 months ago
  • 0:18

    blackmamba5119blackmamba51192 months ago
  • How did Seth Came from the floor

    blackmamba5119blackmamba51192 months ago
  • I love how he stayed my dead grand son

    Janice StewartJanice Stewart2 months ago
    • Sayed

      Janice StewartJanice Stewart2 months ago
    • Sayd

      Janice StewartJanice Stewart2 months ago
  • hi

    the moo crewthe moo crew2 months ago
  • Awwww Anthony are you ok bro

    Leo KukesLeo Kukes2 months ago
  • You are the worst

    Marisol AnguloMarisol Angulo2 months ago
  • Ryan died first I guess XD

    Winterwolf2012 !Winterwolf2012 !2 months ago
  • Hey my name is seth

    Seth the best GamerSeth the best Gamer2 months ago
  • Why Ryan keeps kidnapping people in the video

    blackmamba5119blackmamba51192 months ago
    • Someone always ruins want Ryan Makes

      blackmamba5119blackmamba51192 months ago
    • He’s not, that’s him getting rid of them up so they stop ruining the cure haha

      Culter35Culter352 months ago
  • Seeing that guy girl and smash Anthony's PS5 made me want to punch him right in the sack

    Mindy ConnollyMindy Connolly3 months ago
  • Y

    Expert nuggyExpert nuggy3 months ago
  • Omg a ps5 no way

    Richard HRichard H3 months ago

    Logan HulkLogan Hulk3 months ago
  • Are the elf videos done bc I loved watching them?

    TylerTyler3 months ago
  • Best channel on youtube

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda3 months ago
  • ryan u litterly made a siren head hologram,time machine,and now u made a cure for a blubber beetle

    Gloria JamesGloria James3 months ago
  • THE NEW PS5 & THE NEW XBOX & this is cool very cool

    Coincidentally SimulatorCoincidentally Simulator3 months ago
  • Boo

    Butchoy ArevaloButchoy Arevalo3 months ago
  • if all those bugs came into my. grandma's house she would call the fbi

    rocking girlrocking girl3 months ago
  • Just fire him

    Jesus GJesus G3 months ago